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Weekly e-bike tour in Thassos


This weekly e-bike tour package in Thassos has been carefully and in detail designed in order to combine mountain biking and sightseeing in Thassos. During the week, the participants will experience a variety of mountain routes across Thassos, as well as coastline gravel roads with marvelous views of the blue sea and the wonderful waters of the island. Most importantly, this week will provide the opportunity for a local experience and a taste of Greek hospitality, as we get to meet the locals through a blend of socializing, food gathering, and coffee spot visits. This set-up encourages interaction, getting to know the locals in their daily lives, and provides discovery of all the gastronomic secrets of Mediterranean cuisine. And most of all, getting to know how we live in Northern Greece and the island of Thassos.

Is this package suitable for me?

If you are a mountain biking aficionado, and have love for the sea and the Mediterranean food, then you will definitely love this weekly e-bike tour to the fullest.

Riding the bike with confidence uphill and downhill is a prerequisite for the participants. Training once or twice per week, as well as having the ability to cover distances of 25 kilometers with an electric bike per day, will definitely get you ready to follow this intensive weekly schedule. This bicycle vacation package is suitable for ages 18-65 without any restrictions.

It is worth mentioning that the average temperature during the summer season fluctuates between 17-40 degrees Celsius, with July and August being the hottest months.

Day one, is the arrival day of the participants. After getting to know the team and consultation with the participants, the appointment is set for getting your transportation specifics towards Thassos island. A pick-up is available for participants arriving at Thessaloniki airport or Kavala airport.

Your guide will transfer you and your personal belongings safely to the island.

On your way to Thassos you will enjoy a coastal route and you will need to board a ferry boat for a short trip to the island.

*In case your arrival point is different than the aforementioned, your own arrangements shall be made for you to reach Thassos, with your own expenses.

You tour has officially started. You will now be surrounded by the magnificent sea for the next 7 days that will be full of fun, adrenaline, taste of Mediterranean cuisine and sea-side free time.

The first day ends with arrival at the hotel.

All participants have a minimum rest time and there is a meal. During this time, the team is acquainted with their HypeTrails guide, and also, have some quality time together.

This completes the first day.

On the 2nd day of the excursion and 1st day of e-biking an appointment is set at 8:30 at the hotel.

After breakfast, all the participants leave for the HQ of Hype Trails. There, we get hands-on the e-bikes and selected gear and spend some time checking the equipment for those who participate with their own bikes/equipment.

After completing this process we begin with our first route.

The route starts from Hype Trails and soon we take the coastal road for a short warm-up.

We then start our ascend to Ypsario and soon we reach the area of ​​Lefki.

The route continues gradually in the woods, as we pass the first kilometers. We continue towards the traditional settlement of Potamia. There, we pass by the local houses and cross the village’s main square.

The imposing mountain Ypsario stretches in front of us and we follow the road that is known as the mountaineering path “Ypsario”. The ascent becomes more and more demanding with the slopes reaching 8-10% grade.

After an uphill route of 3-4 km, we turn right and follow the route that leads to the village of Panagia.

We make a short break and gaze at the view of the bay of Chrysi Akti and Chrysi Ammoudia as we continue our descent to the village.

Entering the Traditional Settlement which consists of uniform houses with stone roofs, we ride on the cobbled streets between the shops with traditional products and souvenirs.

There we make our big stop to have a traditional Greek coffee and try local “spoon sweets” (get those sugars up!)

After the short break, we start our descent for the return.

We leave the beautiful Panagia village behind and head to the seaside settlement of Skala Panagia.

After a 10 km descent, we reach the coastal road, towards the way we started our day.

We arrived at the office which marks the end of the first day.

Our reward is ice-cold beers!

This is followed by a relaxation and discussion about the route that took place and then the participants are free for a lunch break or snacks, relaxation, or dive in the deep blue sea of ​​Chrysi Ammoudia

The appointment is set at 7:30 and the guide will take you to the restaurant for dinner.


Day Summary:


Total Kilometers: 27 (Approx)

Sights: Ypsario, Potamia, Panagia, Skala Panagia, Skala Potamias

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

On the 3rd day of the trip, after breakfast, the group meets with the guide at the hotel or at the Hype Trails office. There, we load our bikes and equipment to our transport vehicle that will take us to the other side of the island and specifically in the village of Maries. We arrive there in approximately 40 minutes.

Our route starts between Skala Marion and the mountain settlement “Maries”.

Once we have completed the bike fitting and the check of our equipment we start with a short ascent on the country road, and soon we cross the traditional settlement of Maria.

We leave the country road and enter the forest dirt road towards the nearby artificial lake where we make our first short stop and take a few photos near the small waterfall right next to the lake.

After taking our first souvenir photos we continue the climb from the back at the foot of Mount Ypsario.

The first demanding part of the climb is completed at 10 km, as we admire the endless view of the mountains of Thassos.

The route continues with our descent to the village of Kastro.

Rumor has it that this village was the old village of Limenaria. Here, we make our break in the traditional tavern of Kostas for coffee or beer, lasting 45 minutes. Kostas, a local friend, is always willing to serve us and give us all the necessary information about the village and the wider area of ​​the Island.

After our break, we do a quick bike and equipment check, we start our descent to the ports.

As soon as we leave the village, the landscape changes and we find ourselves crossing a forest consisting of tall pines. In a few minutes’ time, we reach the Apostolos Waterfall.

Our route continues downhill in the forest as we cycle along the river that we will need to cross 3-4 times.

After completing our descent on the forest road and as we approach Limenaria, the scenery changes again to olive groves.

We complete our route with a walk in the port and return to the starting point to complete our route.

Our transportation vehicle takes us back to the hotel where we have free time for rest, snacks and swimming in the Sea.

At 7:30 is the appointment for departure for dinner of the day.


Day Summary:


Total Kilometers: 34 (approximately)

Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Route Attractions: Lake Maria, Waterfall Maria, Castle (Village), Apostolos Waterfall, Limenaria

Yes! We have reached the middle of the holidays and what a perfect time to rest! This time, away from dust and bike!

You got it right, the day includes a sailing boat tour and dives on beaches with crystal clear waters and inaccessible by land.

After breakfast, your driver will take you to the port of Limenas where the crew will be waiting on the sailing boat. After a short briefing of the day, we raise the anchors and depart for the beaches of Makryammos, Saliara, Porto Vathi, Marble beach and Skala Panagia-Potamias.

Onboard you will have the chance to enjoy coffee, tea and snacks as well as wines from the surrounding area.

The duration of the excursion is estimated to be 5-6 hours and after our return, a well-prepared seafood dinner will be ready for us.


Day summary:

Excursion by sailing boat lasting 5-6 hours.


Route Attractions : Makriammos, Saliara, Porto Vathi, Marble beach, Skala Panagia-Potamias.

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch

Transport to and from the boat, Coffee-soft drinks, Snacks and Wine.


Day 5 includes the 3rd cycling route around the island of Thassos and specifically the route “Trikorfo Peaks”. After breakfast we set appointment with the driver and load our gear in order to travel 50 km to the traditional village of Theologos.

There, we check the equipment and start our journey. Crossing Theologos, a magnificent village with stone houses and buildings, we continue our ascent to our first short stop at the pedestals of Theologos formed by two waterfalls called “Kefalogourna”. After a short stop for photos and refreshments and continue for the first peak at 568 meters also called “Ypsilantis Vrachos”.

We continue on our route towards the eastern peaks and specifically the Trikorfo 1 and Trikorfo 2, with a height of 811m and 857m respectively. We take some time for a rest and start our descent heading south to the top of Prinos. We follow the ridge and descend for 10 kilometers, reaching almost sea level (70 meters altitude).

After this beautiful descent, we reach the starting point. We visit the village of Theologos again. This time for rest, coffee and beer.

The route is completed and we return to the hotel for rest.

Next, we schedule our dinner!


Day summary:

Total Route 28 km (Approx)

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.

Route Attractions :Theologos, Theologos Waterfalls (Kefalogourna), Ypsilantis Vrachos Peak, Trikorfo Peak 1 and 2.

The 6th and final day of this e-bike experience has arrived

This final route is called the “Marble Tour” as it passes through the old quarry where the marble colors blend with the sea, forming a unique landscape.

Our tour starts from the Hype Trails headquarters.

After the necessary inspection of the equipment and the electric bicycles, we head south.

We reach the “heart” of the village and ride a bike on the coastal road parallel to the coastline.

After 3-4 kilometers and after we leave the golden coast, there is a “golden sandy beach”.

We cross this settlement and soon we reach our first ascent. From sea level we ascend to an altitude of 340 meters, continuing for the next 3 kilometers.

The view becomes unique as we bike on the coastal road, having the sea on our right and the mountain hills on our left.

We continue until km11 on a slightly uphill slope and we start our descent to Makryammos.

From this point on, we ride our bikes along the coast and soon we reach the beach of Saliara for a short stop for coffee and refreshments.

The landscape that follows is unique as the quarries and the marble gravel become one with the sea level and the road on which the sun is reflected.

We leave behind the beaches and continue the route to the finish.

We pass through Porto Vathi Hotel and soon we reach Golden Sand.

The intense part of the route is over and we travel slowly for the next 3-4 kilometers to the final destination, Hype Trails.

The day is over and now have free time for discussion and cold beers.

There is a time of rest and in the evening there is a barbeque party in the outdoor area of ​​the company with plenty of drinks and food.



Day summary:


Total route: 27 km (approximately)

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch

Route Attractions:


Golden Coast,Golden Beach,Saliara Beach,Makryammos,Old Quarry

After 6 days full of kilometers, unforgettable moments, unique landscapes and acquaintance with the island of Thassos, the day of departure arrived.

The appointment is set according to the flights of the participants.

The driver will take you to the departure airport.The same applies to your disembarkation on the 1st day.The airports served are those of Kavala and Thessaloniki.If you are traveling from another airport you should go by your own means of transport from the above airports or the island of Thassos.

What’s included


  • Transfer to and from Thessaloniki-Kavala airports.
  • 6 days accommodation in a 3 * or 4 * hotel in a double room.
  • Breakfast-Dinner 6 days.
  • Bicycle-helmet rental.
  • All transfers are inlcuded in the detailed description.
  • Certified MTB guides and holder of first aid diploma for all days of activity.

Upon arrival, all participants will receive a souvenir gym bag that includes the following products with the Hype Trails logo.

  • Cycling bottle of water
  • Cycling jersey
  • Hat
  • Cup

What is not included:

  • Private transport.
  • Clothing rental.
  • Alcoholic beverages, other than those provided at the meal.
  • Third meal during the day.
  • Photos and videos.
  • Tip at the hotel-restaurants.
  • Services that are not mentioned in the tour description.
  1. Is the “Weekly e bike tour in Thassos” package suitable for me?

If you are a fan of mountain biking, you love the sea and the Mediterranean food then you will definitely experience this unique experience to the fullest. A prerequisite for participating is to have good control of their bike, uphill and downhill and also to train at least once-twice per week, as they will need to be able to cover distances of at least 25 km by electric bike daily


  1. For what ages is this package suitable?

This bicycle vacation package is aimed at ages 18-65 without any restrictions. Usually, the ages range between 30-55 years.

The routes are addressed to a wide range of cycling lovers.

Height restrictions: The height of the participants must be between 1.60-1.98 m in order for the bike to be suitable, comfortable and safe.


  1. What equipment does Hype Trails provide me?

Information about e-bikes and their detailed features can be found here.

The package includes e-bike KTM hardtail.

Upgrading equipment to full suspension can be done upon request at an additional cost.

All bicycles provided on e-bike tours are 2021 models. Before renting the equipment, the selected e-bike is thoroughly checked for its excellent condition.

In weekly packages, if deemed necessary, the equipment is maintained and washed regularly, without additional costs for the participants.

Along with the e-bikes, a protective helmet is provided for free. Safety first!

All helmets meet the required specifications for bike usage.

In case a rider falls and hits the helmet, the helmet is removed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


  1. What is provided in case of equipment failure?

In case of equipment failure, damage, or wear, not caused by the rider, there is no additional charge.

Otherwise, if any failute, damage or wear to the provided equipment is caused by the rider, he or she is obliged to compensate the corresponding amount of repair or replacement of the equipment.


  1. What distances are covered daily?

All our routes are designed to be easily covered by e-bike with whatever stage of assistance the rider uses. Usually, the routes vary between 25-40 km per day.


  1. What is provided in case I can not cover a part of the route?

According to the descriptions of each route and the level of difficulty required, we make sure that there are no such points during the e-bike tour. In many cases due to the morphology of the ground, we often encounter changes in the routes.

The guide of each group is always at the disposal of the participants to show the correct access technique and to avoid falling.


  1. What equipment should I bring for this “Weekly e bike tour in Thassos” package?

To complete the route comfortably and safely, the below equipment must be carried by all riders:

  • Sneakers with flat sole (Ideal cycling).
  • Sports sunglasses.
  • Cycling gloves.
  • Sportswear (Ideally mtb).
  • Backpack (10-16 liters).
  • Windbreak jacket.



Cycling pad.

Hydration backpack (Camelback)

First aid kit