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e bike

The benefits of an e-bike

  1. Larger range of participants.

The increase of e-mtb mainly on bicycle paths and routes as well as the demand for e-bikes has increased in large percentages lately.

The reason for this is clear. Cycling and specifically mountain biking is a demanding sport with the necessary condition of good endurance of athletes.

So with the introduction of e-bikes now an athlete or participating in sports activities can cover much more pleasantly a demanding route up to 50 km with much less fatigue. It is also worth mentioning that many mountain bikers have turned to e-bikes while in rare cases the range of athletes bikes includes both conventional and electric bikes.


  1. Means of Transportation.

Taking into account the difficulty of moving in large urban centers and the huge queues that are created during peak hours, the use of electric bicycles freed the hands for commuting to and from work, but also as a means of transportation throughout the day. The difficult uphills that were the criterion for excluding the bicycle as a means of transportation are a thing of the past.

  1. Environmentally friendly.

As we all know, our planet is affected by the global phenomenon of pollution from non-ecological means of transport. We are seeing a rapid increase in green transportation as well as governments subsidizing the purchase of alternative means of transportation. Thus, electric bicycles also contribute to this effort as by using them against gasoline vehicles we also protect the environment.


4.Preparation of athletes.

During the recovery and preparation of many athletes for the next racing year, there is a period of rest and great training in time with minimal heart rate or otherwise in low zones.

Many mountain bikers use e-bikes for this purpose.


  1. Rehabilitation of injuries.

Cycling and cycling is one of the most effective ways to repair injuries.

Due to the constant movement of the joints in the lower extremities, exercise-rehabilitation by bicycle is the ideal way.

Due to the conditions required it unfortunately becomes difficult or its use. The gym has always been the alternative with the ideal conditions.

Now with e-bikes every patient chooses the degree of difficulty or better the scale of assistance and can safely cope with the rehabilitation program of an injury.